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My 475 TREMOR is the creation of Tony Rumore of Tromix Corporation. Tony is well known for his exciting variations on the AR-15 platform. The 475 TREMOR is the creation of Marty ter Weeme of Teppu Jutsu and is a necked-up version of the 458 SOCOM, which is a new, proprietary cartridge designed to deliver .458 caliber bullets from an AR-15. The 475 TREMOR is an exciting way to launch 400, 500 and even 600-grain bullets from a magazine fed firearm. This upper was Tony's prototype and to my knowledge, the only one of it's kind. My 475 TREMOR upper is built in the ultra-light configuration instead of the standard heavy barrel variant. Tony recalled that Tromix only built five other light weight units, two ultra-light .458's and three ultra-light 50AE's. The DPMS high-rise upper has a 16", Pac-Nor Stainless 1:18" twist match barrel. I purchased it from Tony after he decided to discontinue his adventure with Tromix to focus on other avenues. Due to it being a prototype, I had custom reloading dies cut by CH Tool & Die and I will be purchasing 458 SOCOM brass from Marty ter Weeme at Teppo Jutsu. I will update the information as oftern as possible as I discover the true potential of this monster.

My 475 TREMOR upper for an AR-15.
DPMS upper on an OlyArms lower, Bushnell HoloSight
5.93 lbs as pictured - can you say "light artillery"

Muzzle view - 475 TREMOR on the left and 223 on the right.

250gr Solid @ 2252fps verses 1/4" Steel Plate

Rounds loaded with Barnes 500gr Solids

475 TREMOR reloading data.

475 TREMOR Links
Tromix - Home of Tony Rumore, Evil Genius #1.
Teppo Jutsu - Marty ter Weeme, Evil Genius #2.


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